Rank Guardian – More Than Just Links? My “Crush It” Review

Rank Guardian (RG) is a new SEO/Link building service recently launched from nichesiteazon.com, a site that I have spent a fair bit of time on over the last six months or so and found it to be an excellent source of well written and helpful articles with lots of great pointers towards building out and growing niche sites properly.

So How Does It Look Different To The Other Standard Link Building Services?

The Majority of link building services offer quite an automated service, as in you select a package, input URLs, keywords and send a payment and HOPE that your keywords will start moving up in rankings so a bit of a guessing game that you have targeted the right keyword and that you actually have a chance of ranking from an on page SEO / Content point of view.

RG seems to have a bit more a personal approach to it which I think is definitely a winner as it’s really easy to go wrong when you are starting out and without anyone advising you then you do not know any different.

Here Is What I Mean

  1. They tell you what URLs/Keywords you should target and give you a rough ranking timescale.
  2. They advise you on which package will be best for you niche / target keywords.
  3. They look at your on page SEO and Meta descriptions and tell if your content is not good enough and where improvements can be made to improve rankings.

The above is what got me interested in trying the service out, we all get stuck in our habits and ways of workings but what If something has been missed out/forgotten out of habit? the advice on its own could be invaluable not just for the site getting links but for future site builds.

The 3 Different Services Offered By RG

Below are the three different types of packages they offer; Basic, Results and Crush It. All of the packages come with on page SEO advice.

rank guardian price
Basic” is just for x1 URL and you get 10 Links.

Results” is for x2 target URL’s and you get 15 links.

Crush It” is for x2 target URL’S and you get 20 links and is the most powerful package they offer as it’s the most links. (Crush it is basically x2 Basic packages but as you will see below you get a slight cost saving of $100 USD).

What Service I Decided To Test Out

I decided to run with the Crush It package because I wanted to target two URL’s and for sake of $100 USD difference between the Results and Crush It I would get another 5 powerful links.

I had some initial email dialogue with the guys from nichesiteazon about RG before buying and found them to be very helpful and this was prior to me even ordering anything from them which is always a good sign.

Once I ordered the package, the guys at RG looked at my site and gave me some suggestions on which URL’s they think I should target and why. They spend a bit of time on the site and look at current rankings, competition and also the amount of other long tails around the primary URL’s that are rankable and likely to bring in more converting traffic.

I took them up on their advice and gone ahead with the two suggested target URL’s.

About The Site I Am Testing Out

I am testing the service out on a site I built just coming up six months ago, For obvious reasons I am not going reveal the URL (sorry all!) but here is a quick summary of the site;

  1. It’s an Amazon Affiliate focused site.
  2. I did my keyword research and competitor analysis using LongTailPro software so the two target keywords are considered fairly easy to rank for (keyword difficult is around 22 – 25 but has probably slightly changed since).
  3. It has 22 Articles and 1 general home page. The homepage is not targeting a specific keyword like most Niche sites I make, it’s more of an authority wannabe site as I am hoping long term to scale up the site and eventually target multiple URL’s/Keywords.
  4. 11 of the Articles are Information articles, the remainder are individual reviews and 4 buying focused posts (“Best …….” larger posts aka “money pages”).
  5. I had some 2.0 links built to the site around 3 months ago (from x1 Hoth Platinum service with natural/naked anchors).
  6. My two target keywords are all long tail and buying keywords (so they contain “best” or “review”).
  7. My two target keywords are currently sitting on page 3 Google US. (They each receive approx 1000+ searches per month on Google US.) but there are lots of variation and longer tail keywords that the pages should also rank for so realistically it should boost to 3000-5000 searches per month if I can rank for a bulk of the keywords for each page.
  8. The Site has made already a few sales from Amazon but only a handful.

Here is What The Traffic Looks Like Since Launch To Date;

site traffic

Here is just under the last 6 months traffic from Google Analytics, it’s slowly moving in the right directly and not doing too bad for its age, the reason I put the above image up is so we can hopefully see the improvement once the RG links start kicking in and rankings start to move up.

Below are where the two targeted keywords currently rank in Google; there is quite a few other longer tail buying keywords that should rank too but they are an added bonuses.

site current serps

I use Whatsmyserp.com to check my keyword ranking positions, it’s free and very easy to use.

Next month I will do an update on any progress made and also take another look at rankings to see if any improvement, it may take a bit longer but let’s see where we are next month.

It’s Been 1 Month, Progress Update

It’s been just over 1 month since I ordered the RG Crush It and I have started seeing some pretty decent results. RG have confirmed that all the links are now in place so it’s just a bit of a waiting game now as it will take longer than a month to completely kick in but so far the main keywords have moved up 5 & 8 places which I am quite happy with given the short time.

Here Is the before and after 1 month;


site current serps



I am confident that the rankings should push to 1st page on Google in the next 1-2 months, aside from my main keywords I am ranking for quite a lot of other keyword variations and longer tail keywords which will give the site a bit of a boost in traffic, they are mainly buying keywords too so they should convert great.

Below are some of the other keyword variations and longer tails that the site is starting to rank for, I have left in search volume on these to give an idea on how variations / long tails around my “main keywords” can really bring up the traffic totals and can hopefully justify my main keywords being 1000+, that being said they are very buying focused.

I would rather have a great buying keyword that gets 1000 searches vs a general term that gets 10,000 searches as the buying terms should convert well with my Amazon site.

This is a handful of variations that the site is also ranking for and there will definitely be a lot more showing up over the next month or so.


I will post another update next month, (can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas!) and hopefully the main keywords will make it onto the 1st page of Google.